Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekly Weekend Update

So I decided I would start doing a weekend Recap on Monday of each week. Well Monday was CRAZY at work so i did not get to it so i am doing it on Tuesday:)
It was a nice weekend. Very relaxing. And Peaceful....

FRIDAY: Caroline and I get to leave work at 4:30 instead of 5:30 because of "brown bag Friday" which basically means we eat lunch at the office instead of taking our hour break so we get to leave an hour early. which is nice.
One of my oldest friends, Kristin Collins(now Kristin Deal), invited me to go out for her sisters 22nd birthday, who is also pretty much my sister:) We all met up at Jessica's house and hung out and then everyone headed downtown but i decided to just head home because Saturday was a big day...
Kristin, Jessica and I on her Birthday!!!!!!!!

Saturday: I just started working for this promotional company called Fusion Gateway, http://www.fusiongateway.com/, so i could make some extra money on the weekends. this weekend was my first event...
The events purpose was to allow little girls to bring in their old Barbies which would be recycled to make new Barbies. For every Barbie that was donated, Mattel is going to donate a new Barbie to the Children's Hospital Organization. It was so much fun to make all of these little girls days....and the tiara wasnt so bad either;)

Raegan and I. We both worked the event. she was so sweet...such a blessing.
The cutest little cheerleader, she was so shy...
Got to hold this precious 2 week old baby...i just wanted to eat her up....
Me and the manager at Walmart, everyone wanted a picture..haha.

so stinkin cute.
This ended up being such a blessing to me. I have been going through a lot lately and it was just nice to have a FUN day and make others happy:)
Saturday night my friend Katie came over for a slumber party(yes i said it) and we went to dinner and then layed on the couch and watched the Fabulous life of Kimora, i know i know....but it was so nice to do nothing!
Sunday: MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK!! Katie and I woke up and went and got breakfast at Brueggers, YUMMO, and then came back and got ready for church. I have been visiting a new church for about a month now and i LOVE it. Its called Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC. I have not felt so welcome in a church since I was young. The pastor, David Chadwick is just great and i can really relate to his messages. The worship is awesome too.
Now i just want to find a group of girls to get connected with. I really need an accountablility/bibly study group so if anyone knows one that is looking for members please let me know:)
the rest of Sunday was spent doing laundry. running errands. and relaxing.
so over all, not to bad of a weekend.

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Faith said...

Looks like another great weekend! I like the brown bag Friday idea, that's pretty cool! And, what a neat thing to do with the Barbies. You looked so pretty!

So glad to hear you are enjoying your new church. I pray you can find a small group to get involved with soon. I know how important that is!

Hope this week is great!