Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So...I am going to be changing the direction of my blog...

I have decided to start writing about Raleigh and my experiences there. Anything from food to shopping to events around town. We love to try new restaurants and so I thought it would be fun to start reviewing them on here for local Raleigh folks. I will still be doing personal stuff as well and other random things but I think this will be a fun new thing for me. I am really excited about it. I dont have many friends in Raleigh yet so this will give me something to do. Sayer will also be guest blogging!!

The only problem is I want to re-name the blog. Any ideas?


Jessie said...

Hi! So glad you found my blog. You are going to love Raleigh. I am looking forward to some of these reviews of places around town. xo

Connecticut Yankees In South Carolina said...

Hi April! I followed your link from your cousin Marj's blog. Her and I go way back...I think she was 13 when I met her? Regardless, my [now] husband and I moved to SC from CT for work last year so I know how it is to relocate, be in a new place, try to meet new people, etc. That's basically what our blog is about too! So I figured I'd follow you :) Good luck in Raleigh! (I've been there, as well--it's a great town!)