Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been putting off writing a resolutions post because I know how I am with resolutions. I don’t really stick to them. At least not all of them. I was reading Liz's (she is great, if you don'f follow her, you should!) blog this morning and got inspired by her monthly “goals” for 2012 and thought this was a great alternative to traditional resolutions. So here’s my plan:

January: might as well get this one out of the way. Work out 3-4 days a week. I have been doing this anyway for approx. the last 6 months, give or take a few weeks. I just want to maintain and also be realistic. There are just some weeks where we have other stuff going on. Life happens. Exercise is not just about having a great body. It’s good for the mind. In fact, that’s really the main reason I do it. It helps me to stay sane. The other benefits are just an added bonus!

February: Start a real savings plan. Because of student loans and not so smart financial decisions while in my early 20’s I have not been able to do much saving but now I am in a place where I can and I plan on 2012 being the year I got my finances in order! One thing I want to save for is my first DSLR (see November).

March: This one is about being healthy and saving money. Cook a fresh and healthy dinner at least 5 nights a week (enough for us both to take leftovers for lunch the next day). I have been good about cooking dinner at home vs. eating out since I moved to Raleigh last year but I want to be better about what I cook.

April: Step away from my phone/computer and get outside. It starts to warm up towards the end of March in North Carolina and it’s the perfect time to get outside. Sayer bought me a bike last year for my birthday and I am ashamed to say I have only ridden it a handful of times. In March I want to change that!

May: Drink more water. Simple.

June: Volunteer for a non-profit organization. This one is going to take some research but it’s something I have wanted to do for a while. Any suggestions?

July: Get organized! In every area of my life possible.

August: Plan a trip. Sayer pretty much plans most of our travels but I would like to plan something for us and fund it completely on my own.

September: Celebrate our first year of marriage.

October: Plan and host a fall themed get together with friends. Pumpkins, beer, good friends and food. Sounds fun, right?

November: Purchase my first “real” camera. I have been doing lots of research on cameras for the last few months and I have it narrowed down to a few but I am open for any suggestions on what a good starter DSLR is. This is something I have wanted for quite some time now and I think it’s time I reward myself. Plus a camera is a gift that keeps on giving.

December: Start a new holiday tradition (stole this one from Liz because it’s a great idea!)

Happy New Year!! (just a few weeks late)


Jordan said...

I like these! I plan on buying my first DSLR this year, too :) Let me know if you decide on one!

Candace said...

Love this!! I think I might try the same monthly goals plan! Hope you are well!!

Maggieb said...

Love them, Apes! Look into Junior League of Raleigh for your volunteer goal! I love the JL here and have made some great friends while giving back to the community!

Marjorie said...

This is a great post April. I will have to think about doing my own! :)