Monday, December 19, 2011

restaurant review: Camos Brothers Pizza

Saturday night Sayer and I were really craving pizza but did not want our usual go-to place (Lynnwood Grill, which has very yummy pizza as well). After a little research on Urban Spoon we decided to try Camos Brothers Pizza as it was rated super high with tons of votes. We are avid Urban Spoon users. If you have not tried it, you should. I have tried a LOT of pizza in my 27 years of life and I have to say this ranks up there in the top 3 list.

When you first walk in to Camos Brothers you immediately feel like you are in NYC from the authentic subway doors and signs hanging on the walls to the exposed brick that lines the walls of so many restaurants/bars in New York. The owners, Gus and Richard Camos, were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. When they moved to the south they wanted to open a place where you could get a New York worthy slice of pizza. They have definitely accomplished that.

We decided to try a Caesar salad which comes in a pizza bread bowl (SOOO good!) and we ordered da Bronx (we added "roni" and hot cherry peppers) pizza. I have never had a salad in a hot pizza dough bowl so that was really unique and delicious. The pizza came out piping hot and the smell made you want to immediately dig in. The sauce was just how I like it, nice and tomato-ey! We loved the hot cherry peppers and will be looking for those at the grocery store to try on our own home made pizzas. The pizza was the perfect amount of spice mixed with the perfect amount of gooey ricotta cheese.

yummy. Sayer couldnt wait before I took a picture.

I give Camos Brothers an A+ and can't wait to try it again soon!

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Chelsea said...

If you haven't already give Lilly's Pizza a whirl. They are in Five Points and I swear they put crack in the is amazing.