Friday, October 8, 2010

Rockford: Simple and Fresh

Last week I had dinner with a friend at Rockford on Glenwood. When you first walk up to this restaurant you are not really sure what to expect because it is just a simple glass door with the restaurant name and address printed on front which leads to a random staircase. But when you walk up the stairs there is a beautiful restaurant with gorgeous wood floors, a well stocked bar and lots of cute little tables. After doing a little research I found out that this place closed down for a few months and was opened back up recently under new management. I can not speak for the restaurant before the current management but the experience I had was excellent. 
The service was great. Our waiter was not overly attentive, which can be annoying…but instead filled our waters when they were empty, asked us for our order after we had time to catch up and asked how our food was after we had actually had time to taste it. Don’t you hate when you go out to eat and before you can even taste your food the waiter is asking “how is everything?” umm well I will let you know once I actually have a bite. Sorry. Random pet peeve of mine. Anyways….

I had the Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich with a side of seasonal succotash (stewed tomatoes, Lima beans and corn). It was delicious. All of the ingredients were very fresh and the unique flavors were out of this world. I am a sucker for succotash and this one was really good. Again, all fresh ingredients that tasted like they were straight from the farmers market.

I will definitely be coming back here to try some other things on the menu. Apparently the pimento cheese sandwich is to die for!

Sayer and I are heading to the mountains this weekend for a wedding and then to NYC next week! I am so excited because I have never been…I will definitely have to do a blog post when we get back about our trip.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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