Thursday, September 9, 2010

Six Little Happys

The new blog is not quite ready so I figured I would write a short little post about six things that are making me happy right now. Don't ask me why I chose six.

1. Fall is coming. I can smell it in the air. I can feel it in the morning when I walk Lucy. I CANT WAIT!! for now I am enjoying the first signs of it...

2. College Football has begun. I have never really had a team to pull for because my Dad was not big into College football and UNCC did not have a team. Now that I am dating Sayer and have been brainwashed into cheering for UT, I love it! We went to the season opener in Knoxville this past weekend and it was a blast!

3. Starting over in a new City. It is so refreshing to move somewhere new and just start over. I have never done that before and I am loving it. I am loving Raleigh and I cant wait for all the fun things to come.
4. Being creative. I am really trying to use more creative juices lately. I am working on restoring an old chair I got a few months ago. Sayer might kill me if I don't hurry up the process. I will reveal the before and after soon. For now here is the color/fabric I am using. I know, its BOLD! (the paint color is called Lemon Lime and it is a lot brighter then it shows up on Behrs website)

5. Cooking. I have been trying to cook dinner for Sayer and I every week night and so far I have done pretty well except the nights we eat leftovers or have something else going on. I made a yummy recipe from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site last week that was delicious. If you have a chance you should try making these Red Curry Coconut Noodles.

6. Food Network. This kind of goes a long with #6 but I have been watching a lot of it lately and it really does give me good ideas. I love the girl who won the next food network star, Aarti. Her food looks so yummy...maybe I will be brave enough to try something soon of hers. Her show comes on Sundays at noon, btw :)

I am hoping to get the new blog header and first post done tonight so please come back and let me know what you think :)


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